What should I wear???

Well, it’s the morning after…

I am waking up to offers for evening gowns, record companies, and more touching….I received this letter.


Just wanted to tell you that you are my hero! ! Congratulations!
I am an artist, over 50 and born on March 31! 
I met you a while back in Fromagerie , I think, and followed your journey through your newsletter.
Just wanted to tell you that it is empowering to know that it can be done and it truly never is too late to be what you might have been! 
Rock on!
I am so excited for you and for the rest of us here along the Jersey shore plugging away at their dream! 
So what are you wearing to the awards? haha 
This letter feels as wonderful to me as getting the nomination.
I am still in shock.  I don’t have a manager, a publicist, lawyer!
It’s just me and hubby.  We did this on our own. We had no big team.  Scott and I were up 20 hours a day, for almost 3 weeks, writing 6,000 letters to people in the Grammy’s just asking them to listen to the album. We did it at the last minute, because I had no clue I was supposed to be connecting all year! So it was do or die!
And we did…and now I’m dying, because they LIKED IT!!!!!
Gotta find me a staff…
I’ll try to blog the journey to Feb 12th?  I don’t even know the date….or what I will wear!
Yeeeeeeehah!   Linda (the old bag)

2 Responses to “What should I wear???”

  1. December 1, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    http://breakitdownpete.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/yea-i-read-youre-shit/ I wrote this a few weeks ago anticipating this nomination. It’s not completed but i want to publish it today and complete it in a few days. Congrats!

  2. December 1, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Linda you don’t me but I am an old friend of Scott’s from college days . . . just wanted to say congratulations to both of you on this phenomenal and well deserved nomination – I am so excited for you and cannot wait to cheer you on even if from the comfort of my living room on Grammy night. Keep the Rock n’ Roll coming! regardless of the official outcome you are already a winner! Jill Becker

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