Although there were many messages being conveyed by an extremely diverse crowd, they all had one thing in common.  Heart.


A far cry from WALL St.

There is much to complain about.  There are so many things wrong with the system.  And there are many people getting screwed.


And just in case they get screwed in a good way….they had that covered, too.  So what if some young folks may have been inspired to join the party and get lucky?!


As long as they don’t fuck with the flowers.  They choose to express themselves peacefully.


So the message?  A better world.

The solution?  Doing the right thing.

The reality?  It won’t happen.


Is it a waste of time and energy?  Yes and No.

Will it accomplish the powers that be to grow integrity?  The Jury is still out.

Is it making people aware?  Depends on who is reporting.

FOX was there.  I filmed them filming the interview that they will surely chop up to fit their agenda.  (I am putting together my interviews, but it will take some time.)

And if you are having an uncomfortable  twitching sensation any time you think of FOX NEWS….

Foxaphobia Help Center

(I didn’t see them covering this booth.)

My agenda is the truth…and the truth is….

Me interviewing some dude from CNBC for his take.

And the truth is, I felt sad after leaving.  Not because I met so many young, old, educated, uneducated, homeless, wealthy, black, white, American Indian, West CoastEast Coast,Midwestern, employed, unemployed, people who knew what they were talking about, people that didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about, crazy, sane, caring, hopeful people.   (So I guess I didn’t blend, because I am not the optimist.)

Students in Debt from Astronomical Tuition

Maybe this Native American was sadder than I was yesterday…


I felt sad, because despite the legitimate concerns for our country, the powers that be don’t give a shit.

It is all about corporations calling the shots.  It’s all about money.

It’s all about people with money getting away with murder, and doing anything in their power to redistribute the wealth of the middle class to the 1%.

It’s all about victims not getting justice.

It’s the same old story.

Survival of the Dickest.

The movement is referring to  themselves as “THE 99%”.  That’s most of us.

My Favorite button is on her arm!

There was a very powerful sign a 24 year old man stood holding for hours, upon hours, as he smiled, with a quote that rang so true to our situation.

We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values.  We must rapidly begin to shift from a thing-oriented society to a people oriented society.   When machines and computers’ profit motivates, and property rights be considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, militarism, and economic exploitation are incapable of being conquered.

As I got to the bottom of the quote, I saw that it was written by Martin Luther King in 1967.

Shit doesn’t change.

I’ve seen the Promise Land, and it’s broken.  Part of my inspiration for writing “Broken Promise Land”, was my skepticism just hearing the phrase.  Whether it’s Springsteen or Dr. King.  I don’t believe there is one.  (And I will be using some of the footage from my adventure for the music video for next week.)

So I was depressed that this might not lead to any change in Government Attitude.

Maybe I am old and cynical.

Maybe I’m more like this guy…

Old, Wise and Weary of War

There were folks in their 60’s that built a model of a droid, approximately 1/5th of the actual size.


There were women in their 30’s handing out flyers about fracking that is about to take place in Pennsylvania that will surely pollute our waters, and kill our wild life.

(See Gas Land to get educated, if you are unfamiliar with this criminal practice which large corporations are profiting from, and abusing, thanks to the Bush Administration changing the rules of the “Clean Water Act”.)

There were controversial beliefs…

Controversial, yet peaceful

There were humorous signs everywhere.  So I got a bit of a chuckle.

This guy is 2 for 2 (I don't think FOX covered this either)

But if the arbitrator, the Foxaphobia Help Center and the funny signs didn’t do the trick, there is always the healer!

…Who came all the way from San Francisco to show support.

Healer From San Fran

There were also left over punk rock era folks on vacation from Tompkins Square Park, enjoying the scene and the free food.

I Showered 5 times when I got home!

I’m giggling at the “Wickipedia” description of the park.  It fails to mention all of the homeless and abundance of drugs available.

Unfortunately, for uniformed me, the majority of the leaders of the movement were actually in the Upper East Side in front of Rupert Murdock’s Residence, so I was unable to speak with the head cheeses.

But I met an arbitrator, with a law degree there that donated her time to speak with anyone that needed “empathy support”.  I guess that’s the difference between a lawyer and an arbitrator.  The arbitrator may actually have empathy…for free!

There was a red-cross station set up, but they were pretty quite.

I spoke with cops that said it has been a peaceful protest.

The only authoritative vibe was hearing some cops sternly warn people to move along if they were clogging intersections.

I didn’t see any pepper spraying, and hopefully the riot act has been read to the NYPD.  They seemed pretty mellow overall.

Cops get the best Weed!

There were artists!  These guys were paper macheing a giant megaphone.  Because the protestors are not allowed to use one.

Occupying Megaphone

Even Bible loving folks were representing.

Religious Folks

And those who get their spirituality in other ways.

Young Folk Singers

Even Bob Dylan showed up!  (Not sure what religion he is now.)

Incognito Born Again, Jewish, older folk singer Bob Dylan

At the very least, it is an attraction.  So stop by on your way to the 9-11 Memorial.

You don’t need a ticket, and somehow I think they are related.

One clearly reminds us of the greatest destruction and tragedy of our country’s past, and the other is trying to prevent more in our future.



And special thanks to hubby for taking all of these pictures.




  1. October 12, 2011 at 4:58 PM

    this blog is amazing. as good as it gets. i keep seeing walter cronkite take off his glasses when he checks out this blog. Scott’s pictures are riveting. roger grimsby and edward r murrow would love Linda’s blog too. gosh. whatever happened to freewheeling bob dylan? i need to get back to the future pronto. the pix of linda lying across several protestors and the need for 5 showers. personally owing to length of stay(duration) of the protestors and severe lack of minimalistic holiday inn accomodations, i personally might’ve opted for a double your shower total, roughly ten of them,.BUt my gosh. what amazing coverage and verbage. Linda, in the resounding words of Michael Corleone to Enzo the Baker, “You did good.” Wow you did justice.

  2. October 14, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    Shit! You are one Awesome person! I can’t wish enough great things for you! YOU THE MAN KID!

  3. October 17, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    You da WOMAN, kiddo – love this report. It’s “fair and balanced” up the wazoo and good to have the infusion of some reality into the proceedings. Keep it going, Linda!! Thanks, especially, for capturing a picture of my idol, Bobbie Zimmerman, good to see him again, never would I have recognized him. Wish he would sing again. He’s not THAT old fer christ’s sake!!

    Anyway, congrats and thanks on the great reportage blog, and keep that spirit pure!

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