I found this response from yesterday’s blog

interesting enough to share with Springsteen Fans.

Great Story!  Thanks for sharing, Igor…

I hope you don’t mind if I take a little more of your space to talk about a musician that Bruce had a great influence on. His name is Allen Field. I met him in my record store in Freehold shortly after he came back from Vietnam.

Bruce knew him as the bass player in Purple Dynasty from Bruce’s Castile days. He was also a chef at The American Hotel.

Kathy and I went to dinner with Bruce and his date at the American Hotel. A very conservative crowd were it’s normal customers. A bronze plaque on the building announced that George Washington had slept there.

A lot a whispering started as we walked in. Many probably thought we didn’t know where the service entrance was.

We both had long hair and we were the only two men not wearing a suit and tie. The last time Bruce had been to the hotel was to play a wedding and they wouldn’t let him perform because of his long hair.

My mother used the service entrance when she worked there making beds.

But now Bruce was an emerging rock star and I owned a store at 10 West Main Street. Waiters were starting to hear complaints.

Just then out walks this huge bearded man wearing a chef’s hat. He was carrying samples of dishes and he was at our table giving us royal service. Allen played it like a movie scene. The place went silent and all eyes were on us.

Let me get to why I am writing this. Allen now lives in Dillsboro, North Carolina in The Smokey Mountains. While he was in Vietnam fighting for his country, he was exposed to a lot of Agent Orange. He wakes up every day struggling with health problems that he and so many other vets are suffering with. He has devoted his life and all of his income helping disabled Vets.

He has a recording studio that Vets can use for free. He offers his services as a producer. He started a program that donates musical instruments to disabled Vets. He is a friend on FB. I read about his struggle with his health and his prayers asking to just be able to live another day so he could help another Vet.

I started this post saying that Bruce influenced this musician. Perhaps it’s the other way around.

Bruce does a lot for disabled Vets. He always has a VIP area at his concerts for Vets. Find out for yourself about Allen Field. Friend him on facebook.

Thank him for what he is doing. I wish Bruce knew about the work his old friend is doing. Allen’s music hasn’t made any difference to what Nordstrom stocks. But he has found a way to use his music in a far better way. He has made a difference to so many lives.

Support music and musicians that have a purpose and make a difference.




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