There has to be a more logical way

I’m glad that day is over!  Let me go back to bitching about security.


Why is “Business Class” okay to have metal knives and forks served to passengers?  And glasses, and bottles of wine? Are they not capable of being terrorists up front?

Have you felt how sharp those flip top can hoosamajiggues are?  Don’t you think they could be used as a weapon?

What’s my point?

Let me take my fucking wine on the plane.

There has to be a more logical way.


After 9-11 they have had military and police at the entrances of the b & t’s in NJ and NY.

It was particularly heavily armed right after, causing loads of traffic.

What is my point?

If there is a truck full of explosives, and a guy ready to die, he is not going to stop to get questioned.  He will run over the officer and proceed.

There has to be a more logical way.

Of course, we all hope there is never another attack.  But the enemy wins when they make us look like idiots.

We look like idiots feeling up old ladies at the airport.

There has to be a more logical way.


1 Response to “There has to be a more logical way”

  1. September 13, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    They need to get a clue from the Israelis. Israel does not have airplane terrorists blowing up El Al planes or using them to take down skyscrapers. They employ psychologists (or train ppl to become “psychologists”) to look into a person’s eyes and tell if they are hiding something. It’s not that hard to do, once you have the proper training. Of course that would entail some actual thinking on someone’s part and hiring people who can actually think and are trainable. Sigh. Oh well. It’s a great idea…

    In a country the size of America, with so many security breaches, putting security on bridges and tunnels around New York is like putting pasties on nipples and leaving the hoo-ha (like Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate and nuclear plants) free and open. Ludicrous.

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