My View Will Never Be the Same – Part 3

What can we learn from this?

Can we have more empathy for other countries that suffer on a daily basis?

Can we understand why other countries hate us?

Can we get why some people celebrated the towers going down?

Do I think that is in poor taste?  Absolutely.

(I was in Hong Kong shortly after the attack.  They were selling “T” shirts with the towers on fire and Bin Deadnow’s face depicted as a hero on the front.  It hurt.)

Do I think it was in poor taste to see people partying in Time Square after the announcement of OBL‘s death?  Yes.

There were many emotions I felt when “We got the bastard”, but jubilation was not in there.  Satisfaction was at the top of the list.

Are the wounds healed?

Is there scar tissue on our hearts?

Justice was served, but it doesn’t bring back the dead.  It doesn’t erase the memories.

We will never forget.

It’s been 10 years, and the feelings are still vivid.

Other countries don’t forget either.  Our tactics do not deliberately seek innocent people to kill, but somehow our military manages to kill them.  And yes, they are killed by their own.  But that doesn’t excuse us.  Many people live day to day being attacked.

Those of us born in the United States are very lucky.  Our country has many resources.

The number of people lost in 9-11 is a small fraction, compared to other deaths.  I am not belittling the loss at all!

But every life is equal and precious.  Every victim is a tragedy.

We learned what it was like to be attacked on September 11th. (And other generations remember Pearl Harbor).

So can we learn what it feels like to be attacked by us?


1 Response to “My View Will Never Be the Same – Part 3”

  1. September 12, 2011 at 8:27 PM


    A Link for the great vocal performance…Thanks for the very positive message and constant reminder of what we have lost as Americans…. we need to gain back the patriot in all of us

    My View Will Never Be the Same!!!

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