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In the Woods…

I’ll be hiking in the forest for the next few days, thinking of more things to complain about while I am at one with nature.


Red Sox fans Vs Yankees Fans


(If you don’t care about baseball….this won’t interest you.  Sorry.)

When the Red Sox choke in September, we don’t get bent out of shape.  We roll our eye balls; say, “here we go again”, and laugh it off.

Yankees Fans are way too obsessed with constantly winning.

Yankees fans will never know the height of ecstasy Red Sox fans achieved watching the 2004 Post Season.  (Notice I did not use the newer generation’s “Red Sox Nation” term.  They don’t know shit about pain.)  Down 3 games to the Yanks, getting completely spanked in game 3, and coming back to take the next 4!!  Then sweeping St. Louis?

The Yankee’s have played in 40 World Series, and won 27 of them.  Very impressive.  Percentage wise?  Since the beginning of baseball, Pin Stripes have been on the World Series field more than a third of the time.

The Red Sox have played in 11, and won 7 of them.  But 5 of those wins were before 1918!

So, unless you are wicked old, no satisfaction in your lifetime, before the curse was lifted.

After choking so many seasons, to come back breaking all sorts of records?

Honestly, the actual World Series was anti-climactic.  Winning?  UNBELIEVABLE!!! No “Priceless” MasterCard commercial can depict the payoff.

Uh, oh.  Now I have to veer of course for a second to bitch about the cost of ticket.  What the fuck??!!!  I think it is disgusting how much it costs to go to a Red Sox or Yankees game.

I just went to check the prices for this season on the “Official Red Sox” site. They actually have a “BID NOW” option!  Are you kidding me?  Now that the drug dealer, alias, Stub Hub, are committing crimes, the Sox might as well rape the fans, too?

Bleacher seats are now $28 bucks.  And the best seat is $99.  The cost is not as obnoxious as Yankees tickets.  They range from $60 to 1,050!  That’s why you see all of those empty blue seats.  All of these seats don’t include the processing fees.  That jacks it even more!

At Fenway, (the greatest park in the world) (We don’t need to build a new one for no reason), you NEVER see an empty seat.

But back to bitching.  Going to a baseball game has become the skiing of sports.  On an average, a family of 4 will have to pay $240 for the tickets at Fenway.  $80 for junk food.  $40 for parking if you are lucky.  At Yankees Stadium, double that.

For that same price, parents can buy a nice wide-screen t.v, order up a ton of Chinese take-out, and buy a bottle of fucking Dom Perignon, and watch the game at home.

It’s just not fair that The Great American Pass Time can no longer be afforded for the average kid.

Yeah, yeah.  I know, supply and demand.  Fuck you.  Now only rich people can take their kids to a game.  Just like skiing.  Family of 4 per day in Vail?  Easily a grand.

Watching a game on the tele is not the same, but during the 2004 World Series I was in L.A. and found out about this awesome bar in Santa Monica.  Sonny McLean’s.

It was as loud as being at the Park!  And even more raucous!  What a blast.  And free.  (Unless they have changed that.)  I highly recommend it more than “Universal Studio’s” if you are a Sox fan, as an attraction while visiting.

I don’t know where I will be watching the World Series this year, but it won’t be at any park.

We just might be seeing the rivalry in the post season.  And if the Sox pull another one out of their asses?  Pop the cork, and hold the msg!   If the Yanks win?  What’s new?

P.S.  How much money does a ball player need to make? Enough so your kid can’t go to a game.

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