The “Send” button.

Do you ever find yourself with your finger on the trigger of the keyboard, just hanging over that send button?  (Or cell phone).  You are the mini-president of your personal red button of your universe.

Hitting “send” can change your entire life.  For better or for worse.  Professing deep love, or expressing disappointment.  Do I do it?  Hell, yeah!

…Well, not always.  You should see what I don’t send!  (“SAVE DRAFT” is the sensible option.  You can sleep on it and make an ass of yourself in the morning!)

Life, however is not as dramatic as we think it is.

I can look back at people that used to be my very best friends.  We don’t even talk anymore.  (And is it a coincidence that the word “end” is in send?)

Dwelling on things that were so important in the past, I now shake my head, chuckling at how much energy I wasted.

And then there is something called “integrity”.  When your honesty can’t be curbed.

And then there is something called “shut the fuck up”.  When my honesty should be curbed.

It’s not just in relationships, but in one’s career.  Sharing an idea that some may think is stupid, or even telling off your boss.  Risk or reward, all from a little button.

Think about all of those movies when the Scientist or Doctor discovers something is very wrong at the company.  They send the report.  And then the shit hits the fan, just because they were honest, brave and correct.  (Of course major corruption abounds.)

There are a lot of things messed up in the world, and I might be one of them, but when I see something that sets off my “wrong radar”, I gotsta hit send!

When I see something so right and beautiful, my heart is on the sleeve of my keyboard, pounding the send button.

And now I am in that same position, ready to send this.  Finger in a hold pattern, ready to land.  Seat in upright position.  Tray is up.

Is it dumb?  Will you enjoy it?  Can you relate?  Wheels coming down, clearance from send traffic control…





 How’s this for Irony?

I actually forgot to mention the following, AFTER I hit send, naturally.  Prompted by a subscriber’s comment!  Thank you!

There is also the situation where you hit send, and then realize that you had a couple of typo’s, or something you thought you had deleted ends up stuck somewhere in the letter!  And it makes no sense at all!  Or completely changes the meaning!  (Like my poem just yesterday!)

Or you forgot to add a very important bit of info!  Or spellcheck changes your badly spelled word into a completely different word, and you don’t notice!  You put too much trust in spellcheck and get sloppy and lazy.  Just like we forget phone numbers now, because they are programmed in the phone.  DAMN YOU!  The word “Aunt” is just one letter away from becoming a disaster!  (Yes, that is influenced by a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode.)

Then you are in that foolish position where you say to yourself, should I send an amendment to the last email?  Will the person think I am a psycho if I send another?  The finger hovers again.  I’m not a psycho!  I just made a mistake!!  Ahhh!   It’s not fair!  I’m not crazy!  Really!  I’m a regular, normal person!

Should I hit send again???  Have I forgotten anything?  Probably.  This better be the last time!  Finger hovering…..


1 Response to “The “Send” button.”

  1. September 2, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    Hey, Linda! I just love these last 2 posts in particular – you’ve put your finger right on it!! Especially as I’ve gotten more and more into this FB thing and am coming upon more and more serious discussions – yeah, serious, who woulda thunk it? – my finger is getting near paralysis as I hesitate – at least the merest nano-second – to spew forth my righteous indignation or gush 4th grade wonderment in my comments. Is this well thought out? Does it make sense? Will anyone actually care? How many enemies can I make with one paragraph of SOC??? Which, btw, is “stream of consciousness,” NOT, as my cousin looked up in her urban dictionary or some such arbiter of lame, modren (not a typo) wordsmithery, “Spits Out Coffee.” LOL Hmm, there’s something to be said for snail mail: gather pen and paper (what type, where is it, do I even *have* an envelope that fits it?), set pen to paper, write or spew as the case may be. *Read over. Reread over. Edit. Think some more. Re-edit. Sigh loudly.* Fold pages into 1/3s, stuff in envelope, stamp. Return address or no? Set aside for tomorrow. Tomorrow: Repeat from *to *, lick envelope, get dressed, go out to end of driveway to mail letter/note/card/epistle. Return from mailbox with impending sense of doom….

    Oh well. Then again, as your previous poems (which I love both of) indicate, time’s a-flying, so might as well hit that send button before you choke. What the hell…. love me or leave me!! Hand hesitating over “Post Comment” button ……

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