Irene’s making me fat!

We cleared out the freezer, because they are turning off our electricity.  And we might lose power anyway.

We have made it safely inland to our friend’s house, and I brought all of this crap over here.

(We also barely made it here without killing each other.  The stress of packing everything and securing our precious stuff caused a few fights.)

But all is well now, as we stuff our faces.

We just ate samosas, scallops wrapped in bacon, and some potato kanish’s my mom made 6 months ago.  (I do not know how to spell the plural for kanish.  Spell check sucks.  Still Deeelicious.

I took all of the frozen shrimp and made ceviche.  (At least that’s for tomorrow.)  I have a slamming recipe.  But this ain’t no Julia and Julia blog.  I have enough to talk about without showing off my culinary talents!  I really do love to cook.  That’s why I have that nice kitchen!

I bought many bags of citrus fruit so I wouldn’t get scurvy.  (I always loved that word in school!)

I kind of went mental at Coscto yesterday.

I don’t know why I bought 20 lbs of carrots, and 10 lbs of onions.  I guess I thought they would be okay without refrigeration.  I’m in survival mode, man!

Saving some of the limes for mojitos with the mint we harvested this morning from the garden that will soon be underwater.

(By the way, for those of you who are in the New York area, just ask Mayor Bloomberg how to pronounce “Mojito“.  I don’t know if you found it as humorous as I did, but when he attempted to speak in Gringo Spanish to show off his skills to warn the Hispanic community about the evacuation, I thought of several comedy skits….no time now!  The ice cream is melting!

Now I just ate all of the Hagen Daz.  (Ask Bloomberg how to pronounce that, too!)

And I still have that fucking chicken from Costco to eat!!  I’m full!  It’s a race with the storm!  I have to prepare everything before it goes bad, or the power goes out!  Ahhhh!

We just cracked a bottle of “Far Niente“.  It’s a mega expensive bottle of red.  Oh no!  The cork is bad.  DAMN IT!  We’ve been saving this one for a special occasion.  Irene is as good of a reason as any.  It’s an Italian wine.  Translation – “for nothing”.  (I bet Michael knew that!)  It looks like we saved it for nothing.  Hey!  Maybe I can cook with it!

Hmmm, I have the onions…I brought frozen bacon….Coq Au Vin!!!!   (She said coq!)  (Julia would never.)  I’ll just dump the wine in that!

Julia eat your heart out!

And I will whip up some carrot soup with curry, ginger, and coconut milk!  Hurry!!  The rain is coming down harder, the lights are flickering, and the wind is howling!

The hurricane is still at least 12 hours away, and I might gain a pound an hour at this rate.

But I hate wasting food!  So I will eat until I get sick.

I feel like I am on speed here in the kitchen!  I have to crack another bottle of wine to slow me down…and to help me wash down the coq!

As tempting as it is to make a tasteless pun, I don’t have enough time right now to dick around.


4 Responses to “Irene’s making me fat!”

  1. August 27, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    knish…knishes… 🙂

    • August 27, 2011 at 4:23 PM

      Mazel Tov Carol – you win the spelling bee!

  2. August 27, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    That carrot soup sounds divine. Save me some, k? And how ’bout dem knishes? i dunno, that looks good to me. And sounds good, too! Yummmm… So, take it easy, kiddo. Hope the wine mellows you out some’at. Here’s me crossing fingers, shielding also (ya know, with shields of David)!

    Take care! <3<3<3<3

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