Although the economy is fucked, and Obama is having difficulty improving the situation, for the simple folk, let me break down the condition of the house he moved into with these simple terms…

Imagine you owned your house.  Free and clear.  You were going around the world for 8 years.  You rented it to relatives.  You trusted them so much that you gave them access to your large bank account with enough for all utilities and taxes for the next ten years!

Without your consent, using your life savings, they buy a swimming pool, put a huge addition on the house, go on vacations, and out for extravagant dinners with all if their friends, and even give them some of your money, and neglect to pay the taxes.

Right before they leave, they throw a huge BBQ for their friends and relatives.  Everyone eats like such pigs, consuming way more than they possibly need, that they all end up puking and crapping enough to fill your entire house and yard.  And of course, they do not clean up the mess. They go back to their mansions, in their private jets.

The 8 year trip is over.  You move back.  You have 10,000 pink slips on your door, smeared in doo doo.  You will be evicted if you do not pay, with interest, the back taxes and utilities owed.  Your credit is fucked.  You need to get a loan at a higher interest rate, just to keep living in the shit hole that was left.  In addition, you have to spend about 4 years just to clean the poop and puke out of the house.  It is overwhelming.   WELCOME!

(Photo by Paul McCarthy at Middelheimmuseum, Belgium.  Or The White House, January 20, 2009.)

The relatives and the friends who were at the party come back and complain about the stink, and blame you for it.

And although you are trying your best to clean it up, and keep your head above water, they don’t pitch in.  Unfortunately, you don’t have the balls to smack them upside the head with the mop.  But they have enough balls to take the mop away, while stepping on your head.  And while you are drowning, they shout down to you that they will not take their bratty, greedy foot off until they get a tax break on their private jets.

Obama is that totally fucked person that moved into a fucked financial situation, by Americans that fucked America.

So instead of pointing your finger, stick it up your ass, pull out a sugared plum and give it as a gift to the foxy fairy that has been sprinkling dummy dust all over you.

Is that simple enough for ya?

(A favorite clip from Team America that sums it up…)



So Ronree!

And if you think intelligent = elitist, please refer to the first sentence in the video.  You are.

Thank you Matt and Trey for one of the funniest movies ever!  Team America!   And Warren Buffett for your intelligence and integrity.


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