So how’s this for unconditional love and acceptance?  I asked my folks to spread the news of my blog to some of their more sophisticated friends.  (Because my writing is so deep!  Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll….and recently, farting.)  Dad sent this letter out…
Dear Family and Friends,
Embarrassing as it my be, I feel it a fatherly duty to advise you that my daughter Linda has become a blogger.  It’s embarrassing because I’m not sure a father should be reading that kind of stuff from a daughter.  Anyway, take a look at her blog, and, if you are so inclined, sign up for a subscription to possibly be entertained or otherwise be stimulated or to venture guesses at which of her subjects make me squirm.  The URL is https://lindachorney.wordpress.com/.
Maybe I should acquire more of the refined writing skills of my Dad!
 (There is a reason he has his Ph.D from M.I.T. and I dropped out of U.M.)
It is so great to have such supportive parents.  When I was starting out, my folks dished out the money for my demo tapes.  They came to my gigs, even in biker bars!  One time a guy with bones around his neck asked my Mom to dance and motorcycle mama wanted to take Dad for a ride!  (It reminded me of the scene in Animal House…”Mind if we dance wit yo dates?”)
Mind If We Dance Wit Yo Dates?
I wonder how many of their friends might appreciate my views?  First of all, I’d like to throw the “old fuddy-duddy” stereotype out the window.   Just because someone is old, doesn’t mean they don’t think young!  With the exception of the really grumpy ones.
I have observed way too much pre-judgement and preconceived notions just because of one’s age.  Even at the big five – 0!  There are quite a few Senior Citizens that know how to have a good time.  And some exceptionally brave folks in Tucson that saved some lives.  (Wrestling a crazy gunman to the ground during the Gabby Giffords shooting.)
At parties, many times the Old Aunt, (which rimes with “want”, where I come from…it’s okay to ignore an ant), just sits in the corner, and not a lot of the younger folks pay attention to her.  This could be any older person.  There is much wisdom and experience to be learned.  And they have feelings.  And one day, one just might save your life!
My parents live in a retirement community.  (It’s actually a really cool place.  They have swimming pools, billiards, a kiln, (where Faun died), arts and crafts, interesting courses and lectures, tennis, bacci ball, a gym!  I have a blast there visiting!!!  And I really enjoy the company of some of their friends.  (And it makes me feel younger somewhere, at least!) (Though, I have to admit that I am eating dinner earlier these days, yikes!)
Not that I am a spring chicken to be making this point,  but for anyone younger, or not younger… how about a call out of the blue to one of your relatives that treated you so well when you were little?  An extra “I love you” to your folks today?
So I guess this is my extra “I love you” to my parents for their unconditional love.  This is why I am so stable!  (And although Dad gets embarrassed reading some of my blog, Mom laughs her ass off!   And she has a great laugh.)
P.S.  And a shout out to the folks in Sin City.  “Do it while you can!”
And a HUGE thank you to the heroes, Roger Salzgeber, Patricia Maisch, and Bill Badger.
Tucson Heros




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