Mother’s Little Helper is a GAS!

**NOTE – I wrote this last night, but since I took a Valium in the middle of writing, I at least had the common sense not to post until I could proof-read today, just incase I wrote something inappropriate!  But I didn’t!  I would never do that!  So without further a dodo…

I can’t sleep!  It’s 12:24 a.m.  Hmmm.  Should I take something?  Do I want to be up with my thoughts for hours?  No.

I heard about Barney Frank farting on The Rachel Maddow show.  Let me check that out for amusement…stand by…

 It seems to be the lean and let go.  Possibly the sound against the leather chair as he made that shifting motion, but unlikely.   Let me listen again…Yeah, I think it was a fart.

Come on!  We’ve all farted in an inopportune time.  But not too many can boast doing it on National Television.  Nice one!

One time I was doing a show at the “Back Fence” on Bleecker Street in NY.  It was three in the morning, and there were like 8 people there.  I turned the volume to 10, and casually put the mic behind me and let one rip, because I was bored.  Two Englishmen were there.  As it turned out, they were filming Sting’s video!  They were so amused by my melodic ass, that they got me a gig in London!  You may verify that with Ernie, Jr. He was one of the owners present that night, about 15 years ago!  He’s probably there now as I write.  I think I’ll call him!  (ring…ring).

Damn it. He’s off tonight.  Fuck.  Now what?  Let me read some of the comments from the Barney Frank video…

Great.  Some guy named “deathtoliberalism” made a comment.  Where’s that little yellow pill?

On my latest album, “Emotional Jukebox”, for the first time, I include a few cover songs.  One of them is “Mother’s Little Helper“, by the Stones. Although I appreciate Mick’s rendition, I though the authenticity coming from the perspective of the actual aging woman, rather than a 25 year old male, might bring a different light to the song.

Here’s the link to hear my version:   http://www.lindachorney.com/FinalHTMLS/music.html  Check it out!

"Mother Little Helper"

"Mother Little Helper"

I gave it a more laid back feeling.  And I was lucky enough to have Lisa Fischer sing back-ups on the song.  She tours with the Rolling Stones.  Lisa wails on the track, representing my self-conscience screaming within me.  It was such a privilege watching and listening as she recorded that session.  She nailed it.  She rocks.  I love her.  She’s a gas, gas, gas!

For those of you that received the free download of “Do it While You Can”, I actually fart on that track!  I swear!  (A lot).  It’s sort of my answer to the Beatles’ (“Paul is Dead“).  See if you can find it.  We crack up when it happens on the recording!  My timing was delivered right on the beat!  What talent!

I’m finally getting tired.  I’ll listen to that farting preacher for a bit on youtube and then hopefully fall asleep.


1 Response to “Mother’s Little Helper is a GAS!”

  1. August 10, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    Linda, Just back from a nice dinner with a friend and had to check on your blog. Its so difficult to even listen to Barney Frank but, a left check sneak? What a farking riot keep up the good work! JB

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